WRC  Body Panels


                                             Carbon                 S11>  Rear Wings               GRP/Composite

                                                                     S7  -  S10  Steel  Rear Wings   &   S11>    Door Shut Panels


2 Door  Composite Rear Wings                                                                           2 Door Composite Front Wings


2 Door  Composite  Sills  (at last)                                                                                4 Door  Sills & Sill Protection


WRC  Carbon   Multi - Element   Rear Spoiler   (2.8kgs)



GRP   Multi - Element   Rear Spoiler   (10kgs)


and over £5,000 cheaper !

Roof Spoiler


Rear Spoiler  2 Door  with carbon element                                                                                   Front Wings   S5  -  S12


                                             Roof Vents    GpA    WRC   &   GpN                                                            


S12  WRC  Bonnets


Bonnet Vents  &  Intakes        GpA    -   S12c     Carbon  or GRP

Alloy  Boot Lids


 Bonnet  Boot  &  Door Hinges                                                                                         Carbon Door Mirrors

Front Splitters  Gravel & Tarmac    Full  &  Lip


WRC  Front Bumpers S5  -  S12b    Carbon  &  GRP/Composite

S11 - S12   Rear Bumper

Front  &  Rear  Doors   NEW  Lightweight   WRC or GpN     from  £49 each


Stock/Price List


We now have the origional moulds for just about everything !


Doors  &  Boot Lids