GpN/STI  Parts

GKN  H/D  GpN Drive Shafts    N9/N10    (100PCD ONLY)

Call for "Best Price"


STI  H/D  GpN  Drive Shafts  (114PCD)




STI/AP  GpN Brake Kits, Callipers & Calliper Repair Kits



AP  Discs, Front & Rear, Tarmac & Gravel,   Bells,   STI Brake  Servo Delete Kit

Brembo  "Gold"  Rear Callipers

Subaru   4 Pot "Red" Callipers

Subaru Brake Discs   Front & Rear  100 & 114 PCD

STI  N14  Handbrake Lever Kit

STI  VAB (2015)   Handbrake Lever Kit

N14 Carbon Handbrake Kit with Alcon Cylinder

STI Brake Proportioning Valve & Repair Kits



N14  STI GpN  Oil Cooler Kit   45511ZR000

C2 - N14  Boost & Breather Hoses


   GpN  Billet Long Wheel Studs                                 GpN  Plated Wheel Nuts



         GpN  Engine Mount Set                          Fast Road Engine Mounts

               410224S010                                   ST4100055110  &  ST4100055120

Standard Engine Mounts    41022FA092     41022FE070 &41022FE080


STI  Top Transmission Mount (Pitching Stopper)   ST41040S000

Transmission Mounts  5MT  6MT  & N14
ST4100055200     ST410224S000    ST410224S040

                                                                         Propshafts    5 Speed   &   6 Speed



GpN Rear Diff Guards  >N12  &  N14>

STI Rear Diff Mounts

Suspension Arms, Bushes & Mounts

STI  N14>  GpN Rear Upright   (for STI/AP GpN Brales)

Uprights, Hubs, Bearings, Seals & Steering Parts


STI  Top Suspension Mounts GpN/R4   &  Rear Turret Kit  R4

STI  R4 Suspension Parts

R4 Heater Assembly


GpN  Dash Assembly


N14 Dash Panels

N14  Combination Switch Assembly

DCCD  Centre Diff Select Switch Assembly


New   Carbon   Driver's  &  Co-Driver's   Carbon Footrest

N14>  Water Spray Kit, Pumps, Tanks & Switches

GpN  Pectal  Engine & Transmission  ECUs

GpN  ECU Mount

GpN  Roof Vent    Sti  Steel


STI  N14 Roof Vent Kit  Carbon

GpN  Underfloor Protection   Carbon/Kevlar

N14   Front Bumper/Sump Guard  Extension

Bonnet Lamp Pod  with  Gas Discharge Lamps


N14  GRP  Lamp Pods                                      N14  Carbon Door Mirrors


Speedline Wheels


Speedline GpN Wheels  Tarmac 8 x18  Gravel  7 x 15    100 & 114 PCD




STI  1.3 Bar  Rad Cap       STI Oil Filler Cap                   STI  Battery Clamp

STI  Rear Trailing Links

STI  Oil Filter

STI  Hoses

STI  "Pink"  Cam Belt

STI  Gear Linkage  Mount


Rear Diffuser


Body Panels



Genuine  Subaru Body Panels   

Front & Rear Bumpers, Front Wings, Quarter Panels, Bonnets & Boots

Front & Rear Subframes


2008  Headlamps,  Rear Lamps  Indicator Lamps  &  Reflectors